Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Henry Asencio this Weekend at Galeria del Mar

Dear fellow Art Collectors,

Another exciting occasion awaits you at Galeria del Mar and features the extraordinarily popular art of one of America’s most significant young painters. Henry Asencio will join us on the dates below and we will be unveiling a series of exquisite examples of his extraordinary talent. As a gallery we remain totally committed to the format, which has carried us and you as art collectors into a world where the greatest art is available to the best collectors and galleries at the best possible pricing.

Henry has worked tirelessly on these originals and we believe you will agree that we are seeing some of his greatest paintings to date. Henry’s publisher has taken a deliberate decision Not to Increase Pricing for this event. The demand for Henry’s work logically warrants an increase and it would be easily justifiable, however his publishers have recognized that the art market, although still an amazing place for your hard earned dollars, should not be disturbed. Quite honestly we are very grateful to them and sincerely believe that their wisdom will prove to be a good decision for all concerned.

In the, “truth be told” category, is a powerful suggestion from us and your personal art consultants to seriously consider being a part of this wonderful working weekend with Henry Asencio. This man is making history, he is the real deal and his work continues to impress collectors and critics alike. In all candor, we see a future that is unlimited for Henry Asencio whose figurative work currently rivals that of the most successful of the living masters. What else can we say except to remind you of the distinct occasions where in your own life and in art collecting you had an opportunity to make your move and held back. I’ve done it scores of times and I expect you have too. Please come to this event and get to know Henry Asencio as a friend and in so doing you will not only see the genius of his art work but the truth behind his success which is a certainty of purpose, determination, and drive that cannot be suppressed. I promise you, you will be befriending a major and future true American treasure.

Sincerely Yours,
Len Cutter

Henry Asencio
Personal Appearance
Galeria del Mar
October 16th - 17th 2009

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